So I have a 6 yr old son who is very much enjoying lego’s.  He had quite a few sets, and is always thirsting for something new to build.  He is often frustrated with me because I won’t buy him new lego sets all the time.  He will of course play with the ones he has far beyond the initial time it takes to build the model, but he always wants to build more.  As a mitigation for this I wanted to see if we could just satisfy his need for *a new Lego set* with maybe some new instructions.  A trip to Barnes and Noble, while always fun, didn’t yield us anything other than some fun looking at the various Brickmaster sets.

So today, I started playing with LDraw and more specifically MLCAD.  I intend to see if I can model a few things, but in the mean time, there are plenty of sites that have models that can be downloaded and printed.  I think that I’ve had the most fun browsing Cubiculus.  I’m glad I just got new cartriges for the printer.

Of course there is also Design By Me from Lego themself.

To Convert between the two there is LDD2LDrawAddon, but that seems old, and I wasnt quickly able to get it to work.




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