I’ve always been a fan of hats, but until recently only wore baseball caps and knit caps (Skull Caps).  I’ve had a variety of those, and my current favorites are this Turtle Fur beanie and this Kuhl ball cap.  About a year ago, I ordered on of these.  Which I wear here and there, sometimes to work in the yard, or to the beach, or to pick blueberries.  Just the other day though, well about a week ago, I ordered a couple of Fedora’s for myself and a couple of Clocke hat’s for my wife from these kind folks.  That spun off an eye for some hats and some research.


Pattern for a Cloche Hat

Pillbox hat how to:


I didnt know Millinery referred mostly to Women’s Hats, or that a Haberdashery was originally a more generic term for someone who sold notions.


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