suffix trees

Today I spent some time researching suffix trees.


Creating custom clothing and props for xbox360 avatars…

Doesnt seem possible.  Bummer, changing clothing is the #1 thing that my daughter likes to do, so I had hoped that I could create some cool clothes for her.  Alas, it doesnt seem possible.

I think this could be a fun thing to do, and heck maybe someone else would by my creations.



There might be some hope based on this:



I don’t have a Jeep Wrangler

Sometimes I want one.  If I had one I think it would be:

2005 or 2006 Jeep Wrangler.  Probably a Sport, but maybe Rubicon, but not an Unlimited.

It would have to be a manual transmission, and one of the reasons that I choose that year, is that in those years you can still get the I-6 4.0L, but with a Mercedes 6-speed.  So yes, I would want the 4.0L.  I think I might like a diesel, but since there are not any for sale in the US, well that takes that out of the questions.

I would buy one with a hard top and hard doors.  I think I would enjoy having that in the winter here in the Pacific Northwest, although I would probably also want a soft top since the weather can warm up, but still be wet.  I don’t know, Im torn.  I think I would have the hard top, but then just a simple summer top like this, and run these doors.

The interior would have to be gray.  I had, well actually my wife had, a car with tan interior once and it was always dirty.  So I thought I would avoid tan interiors, alas the Land Cruiser (actually Lexus LX450) had tan interior, but since it had lockers all around and was low miles, I bought it anyway.  I think that ultimately I would have the interior Rhino Lined (or similar), so it wouldnt really matter since essentially it could all be replaced, but I think gray over tan is the starting point.

Exterior color.  Well this is kinda all over the place.  Sometimes I want green, others black, sometimes silver.  I never would have thought I would like silver cars, but that was before I had my Civic.  The nice thing about Silver is that it never looks very dirty, or maybe it never looks very clean.  Oh, and once I had a dream that I had a yellow Jeep, so maybe subconsciously thats what I really want.

I would put at least 33″ tires on it, which would require a lift kit, of probably 3 or 4 inches.

On the rear I would put one of these


I’ve always been a fan of hats, but until recently only wore baseball caps and knit caps (Skull Caps).  I’ve had a variety of those, and my current favorites are this Turtle Fur beanie and this Kuhl ball cap.  About a year ago, I ordered on of these.  Which I wear here and there, sometimes to work in the yard, or to the beach, or to pick blueberries.  Just the other day though, well about a week ago, I ordered a couple of Fedora’s for myself and a couple of Clocke hat’s for my wife from these kind folks.  That spun off an eye for some hats and some research.


Pattern for a Cloche Hat

Pillbox hat how to:


I didnt know Millinery referred mostly to Women’s Hats, or that a Haberdashery was originally a more generic term for someone who sold notions.